Best Law of Attraction Books to Read

All people need to communicate with other people. You will be able to have lots of friends when you can attract other people with your personality. Unfortunately not all people have good personality. Some people find difficulties to communicate and socialize with other people. They don’t know how to become dominant and attract people in easy way. If you want to know some tips to attract other people or how to become dominant then you must read law of attraction books. You will get some benefits in love, career, and other fields when you are dominant. There are some books to read. You will get some benefits when you read good books. Some people maybe recommend you to read some books but when you want to get best books you will get your book’s information here. Here, you will get some best law of attraction books that you must read.


First, you need to read “Thoughts Are Things” by Prentice Mulford. This book is very good book that will give you some secrets to be dominant or to get your wealth, success, love and better life in easy way. You can explore some other topics such as courage too. After you read this book, you will be able to know the power of your thought to get your career, wealth and some other things in your life. You should not miss to read this book because this book is recommended for you.


Second, you can read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. This book is very modern book that you must read. After you read this book, you will be able to know the power of law of attraction in this society. You can read testimonials and stories from some people. You will be able to get the idea and the tips in easy way because the author writes this book in very good language.


Third, you can read “ The Master Key System” by Charles F Haanel. This author will give you step by step guide to attract and develop your life so you will get your happiness, fulfillment and some other things. This book will change your life and your personality. You can buy and find this book in very easy way because this book is available in some book stores.


Fourth, for all of you who want to be dominant and get your wealth in easy way, you must read “The Science of Getting Rich”. This book is written by Wallace D Wattles.  This book is recommended because this book is easy to follow. This book is completed with practice manual not only theories. This book was firstly published in 1910 and had already helped so many people to find their success and made people rich. You will get more benefits when you read this book.

There are some other books that are very powerful for you. You can read one of best law of attraction books above or you can find other books. You will get benefits and you can change your life in very fast time.

For more information about another author that will help you regarding law of attraction, you should check Arielle Ford art of love online series.

Aaron Fox: The Drama Method

In this article, we are going to discuss about the drama method. If you do not understand the drama method, it is the method for the women to get the good relationship. This method is very good method for women with the troubles of getting the good relationship. If you want to get a man with the good attitude, you have to use the right method to get his heart. The drama method will help you get his heart with the good method. If you get his heart, you will break his logic. He will think only about you and ignore the other women. However, it is not easy to get his attention for the first time.

The best suggestion about the relationship is the expert of the relationship. In the drama method, you will get the advice about relationship for the right person. You will get the advice of many situations from the creator of this method. Because the creator is a man, it will give you the better advantages. If a woman needs an advice about the relationship, it will be better to look for the advice from a man. However, the different kind of gender will give the better suggestions than the same gender. You will get the honest opinion about your acts from the right man, because the creator of this method has many experiences about the relationship.

The good thing in this drama method is the effect. You will not believe how many women thank to this method. They have gotten the good men in their life because of this method. If you have any trouble of your relationship, this method will give you the solution. You will get the systematic guide from this method to solve your current problem. You can find many troubles of any relationship and the solution of those troubles. Because there is so many troubles and solutions, this drama method is very good method for many women. If you search for this method from the internet, you will get many positive reviews from many sources. You can check one of the article here – visit this site

Because the drama method is very popular, there are many positive responses and negative responses from many people. Many positive responses give the compliments about the details of the steps to solve the troubles. They do not need to worry about any kind of troubles. They already have the solution from the method. There are many examples of problems and solutions in this method, so you just need to read the explanation from this method. Many of the users succeeded to solve their problems with this method.

However, many people regret that the drama method does not come with the printed edition. It is in the shape of the e-book, so you have to print it yourself to get the hard print of this book. If the drama method comes in the physical shape of a book, it will become handier to bring this book and read it at your daily activities. However, you can use the modern devices to bring your book. For more details of information and review go to

Why You Should Learn Business Growth as an Author

Being an author is a dream job for many people. For starters, writing is a great and rewarding passion. Second, if you can make it as an author, you can make a healthy sum of money.

It’s a shame that a lot of aspiring authors quit too soon. They’re forced to stop pursuing their dreams to publish their own novel. They end up working another job that might pay well, but sucks their soul.

I’ve been following many successful stories about self publishing. Though it might sound hard at first, there are enough case studies to prove that you can make it as an independent author.

There are also many online courses about self publishing or creating your own product. One I know is made by Jack Canfield and his Bestseller Blueprint course. There are other, less expensive courses you can take if you want to publish your own book.

Learning business is part of being a good author

It’s always tough to mix art and business. The reason why many aspiring authors fail isn’t because they aren’t good enough. It’s because they don’t treat their business as a business.

Artistic type people are often seen as opposites to business type people. However, if you want to make it as an author or any other type of new media producer, then you have to learn solid business skills. It might even be necessary to learn the basics of business growth on your own.

This is already enough to turn off many people. Gary Bencivenga says that to be successful, you need to master the art of business, and master your craft. Authors do fine learning their craft, but not all of them are willing to learn business.

If you are willing to learn business though, there is no shortage of resources. One of my favorite ones is Accelerate by Eben Pagan. This isn’t specifically made for authors, but it is one of the best educations on business growth outside of an expensive MBA program.

The great part about these courses is you can learn at your own speed. There are no fixed schedules to attend. You can focus on your craft and then learn the basics of business. In a short matter of time, you will have learned what takes other people weeks or months in a normal university environment.

Probably the drawback is that these courses can feel expensive at first. We are not accustomed to doing learning through the internet. Anything with a thousand dollar price tag or more might sound too much. However, when you compare to the tens of thousands for an MBA, it’s actually very affordable.

The other advantage an online course is that you get a personal business coaching training. In many cases you can do a private consultation with your coach about your business goals and how to do it. This will help greatly in your journey to become a successful author.

What business training are you taking in order to become a better author?

Reading Self Improvement Non-Fiction: Cheaper than Therapy

I love reading books because I think it’s a cheap form of therapy. While other people spend a fortune in pills and other harmful chemicals to the body, I simply read books at the end of the day and all of my stress is instantly healed!

I like reading better than watching movies or even going out for a walk in the park. I think it’s because I am a rather introvert person, which means spending time with a good book is really refreshing for me. I understand for some people this would bore them to death, but the benefit for me is that I can stay sane without having expensive hobbies ha ha!

Besides reading fiction, I also have a good amount of non-fiction books. Every personal library should have a healthy collection of both fiction and non-fiction, because there are things you can learn from fiction that you don’t get in non-fiction, and vice-versa. Some of my favorite non-fiction authors are the “success principles” authors such as Stephen Covey or John C. Maxwell and also Nick Ortner.

I like them so much, that sometimes I buy more of their books even though I haven’t finished reading the ones I’ve already bought! What a book nerd I am indeed!

Reading Stephen Covey’s books have really helped me to get a better perspective on my life. One of the things that really inspired me was reading about the importance of doing the important things first. As a slightly OCD person, I’m aware I want to do too many things at one time and it really breaks my focus. Using the methods inside Dr. Covey’s books, I’m able to slow things down and take a look at what’s the most important to do right now and what I can delegate to others.

Besides the success authors, there is a great collection of other self improvement books, such as from Hay House publishing. I particularly like the recent book release that talks about Emotional Freedom Technique or more commonly known as EFT Tapping technique. This publisher also has a lot of great books on more spiritual aspects, and everyday I am learning a lot just from the regular newsletter they send through email.

In particular, I’ve been trying out this Tapping technique to help me relieve even more stress. On some days life can get too stressful that even reading books doesn’t make me relax completely. EFT is a good way to clear out that extra stress. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you can read more on this topic at this site about the 2014 Tapping World Summit.

I have a lot of friends who read non-fiction books on wealth management. I think this is one of the most critical topics to get educated on, since the topic of personal wealth is rarely talked about in school and other public areas – yet, many people are experiencing money problems! I might talk more about my favorite books on money management in future posts, so stay tuned.

In the mean time, what’s your favorite non-fiction book, and why? What was the biggest lesson you learned from it that changed your life? Share your story in the comments below.

Welcome to

Welcome to the unofficial Chuck Barrett fan site!

This site is dedicated to the thriller genre author who is known for his book, “The Savannah Project”. This work has received many good reviews and critical acclaim from reputable sources, such as the New York Times.

“The Savannah Project signals the arrival of a new member to the thriller genre. Chuck Barrett. The tale contains all of the danger, treachery, and action a reader could wish for. The intrigue comes from all directions, slicing and stitching with precision. A worthy debut from an exciting talent.”

-Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author

“From the tree-lined streets of Savannah to the mossy stones of an ancient Irish castle, The Savannah Project weaves a fast moving tale of murder, mystery, and suspense. Chuck Barrett has written a winner here. A must-read novel for thriller lovers.”

-William Rawlings, best-selling author of The Mile High Club

Besides his work, this site will also be talking about fiction writing and other good books by other authors in various genres. I am writing this site because I love to read and I want to be an author too someday – and maybe I might even post some of my own original writing here!

Davis K.